Ongoing writing projects

I’ve gotten so behind on writing commitments, I thought I should “gamify” things a bit to see if that helps me make more consistent progress.

To the extent possible, I’m now using Pandoc Markdown as the “source of truth” in my writing projects. I can convert that into Word format for submission to a journal or to share a draft with normie colleagues. Or I can generate HTML, with all kinds of convenient templating options, to put a piece of writing online.

So what I’ll do now is create empty Markdown documents for things I need to write; use Pandoc to turn them into HTML; and have these papers-in-progress hosted as static pages from private GitHub repositories. And I can link to them from here. Unlisted web pages, linked from a barely used blog with no human visitors. But it’s still technically possible that someone could stumble upon this, so I can have a “working in public” mentality. Let’s see how it goes.

Without further ado: